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Protest – 23 Nov 13: Barging

As many will be aware, we have had our fair share of protests this year, with everyone dusting off the rules book and reviewing what is happening out on the race course.

During Aggregate 7 we had rather bad example of a number of boats attempting to “Barge” the start line.  This resulted in a number of boats getting themselves into trouble…and one even raming the side of the start boat.


This also resulted in a protest being lodged with the Protest Committee after a number of barging boats failed to appropriately give way to others who were to leeward and had rights.

After much debate, the Protest Committee upheld the protest with  the protested “barging” boat Disqualified from the race.  Another boat who was involved was forced to run over the starting boat “barging bouy” then failed to correctly exonerate themselves. (The boat undertook a 360 degree turn further up the course,..however actually needed to re-round the starting line and start again.)

Accordingly, this boat was also Disqualified from the race.

It is clear that Barging is something that needs to be avoided by all boats, given the serious implications of getting it wrong.  For those interested, a good summary is available on the Yachting Victoria website,…… the following Link.

New Training Fleet

Over the winter months the Club Committee have been working hard to secure some new upgrades to the AYC Training Fleet.  A special thanks to Craig and Gail who head up our Grants Committee, for securing a sizable grant for the purchase of some new training boats.

This has enabled the recent purchase of another new Pacer for the Adult training, as well as a new Open BIC for the Juniors.  Soon, we will also get our hands on a few Tackers for the smaller Juniors too.

OpenBICThe Photo is of Tyson giving the new OpenBIC a test run.  Think we will all agree, it looks pretty flash!


Photo of the Week – 29 Sept 13

Once again the Grand Final is over and the club faithful braved the chilly water of Port Philip for the annual Ice Breaker.

Although quite a few boats arrived at the club, only a small group of die-hards braved the gusty conditions to try to squeeze in 2 races.  Although the wind looked promising when the boats left the beach, the pressure soon built, with gusts to 25kts by race start…and 27kts as the boats labored through race 1.

One positive was a new PB for the club Commodore, almost cracking the elusive 24kt barrier on his Foiling Moth.  Despite the full race briefing, the bulk of the fleet decided to ignore these instructions and failed to sail a correct course.  Accordingly, pretty much everyone was disqualified.

Moth Speed


Looking forward to some slightly more moderate conditions next week for Aggregate 1!

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