COMMODORE RACE 3&4 Movember 26th.

Commodore cup race 3&4 November 26th.


Saturday was cool in the morning very overcast and little sunshine this weather persisted all day wind was 9 knots at the start of the first race with 16 mono hull boats starting and 5 catamarans. On the start boat was Jeff and myself on “rescue” Peter Foxy and Phil Johnston. The coarse for the day was a windward Leeward with no offset buoy at the windward end. You all may be wandering where the results are for the races run so far this year, John Wallace is back from holidays and results will be up soon. In the tower was “Seattle” Bob or Bob Bobber the Canadian You all may be wondering what Bob does up there he is our communication link with shore counts the boats out sailing lets “rescue” know of any boats capsized during racing and warns us on the water of impending weather changes checks wind strength over racing period on water as of last week Bob’s not happy he cannot open window to let fresh air in the key is missing almost got to the stage last week of breaking window so if any one knows where the key is let us know threatening to resign what would the club do then?? In the Kitchen was Kay Johnston Phil’s better half she makes the delicious rolls and pastries we all enjoy for lunch she is part of Mary Halls kitchen brigade all volunteers along with Chin, Jeanine’ Denise and Tracey and many others who volunteer their Saturday to provide lunches for the lucky sailors. The club canteen collects profits that go back to supporting sailing at the club so do try to patronize the canteen and buy a roll. Also in the bar was Peter Dyer who provides the cold ales to all after sailing without Peter we would all die of thirst all monies from the bar profits also go to club revenue so do buy a beer or wine from Pete after sailing and keep the club going.

As I have outlined the club runs on volunteer labor no one is paid, all of the above so as the people who sail can have a good day. The club needs at least 7 people every weekend to operate efficiently so if you are asked to put a boat in or help out do not say no!!! that’s my say for this week.  

You all may be wandering what happened to Commodore race 1&2 it was blow out that weekend I propose to run these races on December the 10th. Instead of race 10 in the aggregate series. Any problems with this let me know.

Ongoing health problems with club members Ray is recovering from a bout of 6-week cold virus along with myself should be back on deck next weekend Bob Wilson did not have his pecker chopped off, on a course of Chemo therapy tablets to cure prostate cancer making him very unwell. Commodore Gail did not need a chopaboob off a me operation had some nodal cancer removed requiring radiation therapy to stop it reappearing may be back next weekend. Denise is back in action on facebook. Stelio going back to Footscay (go the dogs) hospital for a checkup on diabetes problems. Lyn has new asthma breather looking good Simon may finish 2 races.


Race 1

All got away in good starts both mono and cats The race between Wayne Hale and Fred Acland was interesting Wayne and Sophia led all the way with Fred and Nick chasing them all the way Fred turns 60 this week so and returns to sailing the Tasar for first time this year congratulations to Fred for reaching 60 most probably beat Wayne on handicap wait for results. In the sabres John won again with Bernie following close behind. Bernie has just returned from climbing mountains in the Himalayas not mount Everest gave that a miss too high for Bernie needs oxygen to get up to 27,000 ft.

In the cat Division Greg finally beat Big Bad Brad across the line Hoorah!!! New boy Paul sailed a creditable race with new crew Scott 10 knots too much for Boyd! Rumor has it Paul capsized but with extra righting power able to right boat quickly another photo missed bugga!!. We on the start boat were unsuccessful in fishing maybe club needs to invest in chicken pellets and a Burleigh bucket may have fresh fish after sailing instead of dim sims. No hobie cats started still rigging on beach. Missing last week were Sally , Howard and Killer maybe wind not strong enough.

Race 2

All boats had good starts in both divisions except the 2 hobies Ian 1 minute late and Anthony 98 seconds late maybe they need to invest in a watch! Almost a repeat of the first race except in the big cats Brad returned to form and convincingly beat Greg no major capsizes occurred very easy day for the crew on “rescue”

This Saturday looking good so far 10 knots and sunshine. Aggregate nine and resail of race 5 scheduled triangles and sausages will be the course. Sunday 11th.December the following week the clubs second trailer sailor race will be run so any one from club interested in crewing be there 10am to be allocated a boat to sail on all will be accommodated usually go somewhere have lunch and race back to Altona safe harbor then have a few ales where we go is dependent on wind direction and strength.

As to vegie garden the battle to save the strawberries is on under attack from birds (netted the lot ) snails and slugs (snail killing pellets) now a mouse is attacking need a pussy cat. My daughter Rachel received all the excess vegies this week she has just given birth to 2nd grandson Mathew James so I am now a double granddad!!!






Saturday from early on looked like it was going to be a pearler of a day 10 knots from the south calm waters nice easy sailing day myself and Foxy on “rescue “thought we were going to have an easy day but this was not going to happen. The course for the day was triangular with windward leeward legs .5 nm. Length due to the lightness of the wind. Stelio and Phil Johnston on the start boat. On shore Killer had a new crew for the tasar Louise Cotter a legend big boat sailor. Phil Chaches turned up in the arrow (has not been seen for at least a year) finally some completion for Rob Ingram. Watching the Linderman family set up BH junior was a sight to remember all tramping out of the club with pieces for the boat Paul carried the sail Mumma Linderman the boom followed by Boyd with rudders Hugh with centerboards and little Brooke bringing up the rear carrying the cross bar and tiller great photo missing again similar to previous week where Howard capsized the laser which hasn’t happened for 20 years.


Race 1 got off to a great start for the mono’s 16 boats lining up 6 125’s were out there all in preparation for nationals coming up at Xmas a heap of sabres and only one tasar two novice sailors Hiromi in sabre and Rachel and hubby in a club pacer who finally finished a race Hoorah!! All crossed the line correctly. In the cat division 9 boats started all got away correctly except for maybe “The Shooter” who was running the line with 10 seconds to go coming at me and foxy on the pin end flat out on wire this caused us to take fright with only 10 meters to go with 4 seconds of time remaining put boat into reverse to get out of way before a collision occurred with us thus missing the final seconds before start. Brad crossed Stelio did not have a clear view thus we gave the “Shooter” the benefit of doubt. We do have Gopro footage to check if a protest is received on this incident.

At the first mark Wayne and Sophia in the formula 15 lead the pack of mono’s In the cat division Simon and Lyn in “mostly Harmless” lead after first leg we were kept busy helping Sally in the sabre soon to be named “The Viking” after TV This will go with her new dog “ragnor” another doodle dog my next dog is going to be a Kelpie doddle if I can find someone with a poodle have to have “socks” castration reversed first. Sally in the morning installed on the boat a new righting system to aid in the event of capsize she found out it works but needs to be fitted both sides of boat. Sally had two mishaps in the one race almost a record capsizing on the last leg also, but happy all the same climbed back into boat cheering herself decided to call it a day and returned to shore but could not find yacht club started heading off to Altona pier with us yelling at her to change directions finally understood and returned safely to club. In the cat division Brad finally hit the front and finished first. Paul and eldest son Hugh sailed a very conservative race on “Junior BH” both very pleased with themselves after finally finishing well done Hugh with a little help from Dad.

Race 2 All boats got off to a good start in both divisions Phil in the arrow had a great start but was soon shadowed by the bigger cats and overtaken. Lyn on “mostly Harmless” after 3 legs had a breathing problem due to the phenomenal speed they were travelling Simon decided to pull the pin and return to shore. We on “rescue were tied up with righting Anthony on Ian’s borrowed Hobie cat, The mast had filled with water needs sealing at top. Finally, righted boat but Anthony miss judged and was left swimming after boat which proceeded to sail by itself straight towards the rock wall. We on “rescue” made an executive decision and went after boat leaving Anthony swimming managed to get a line on boat about 30 meters before it hit the rocks then towed it back to the skipper who was still swimming and had not drowned relieved to be back on board. In the meanwhile, Greg and Rossey managed to capsize 150 meters away watching Greg trying to get on board was hilarious needs a step ladder at front of boat Ross finally climbed aboard and hauled the big boy on. The lure of a cold beer on shore was finally too much for Brad and Mathew they decided to retire without finishing. While all this was happening in big boat division Paul and Boyd sailed the course and finally finished first in this division with the A Class of with Ben Kirk on board winning on Handicap.

Louise enjoyed sailing with Killer who finally cracked it for a smile She vowed to return and sail again in off the beach boats more action than keel boat sailing.

Next week 2 races of the Commodore series will be sailed weather permitting need to have a common coarse for all boats maybe windward lee wards how many people are in agreement with this??

There will be nothing next week from vegie patch still in deep mourning over strawberry eaten by birds.



Wind at 2pm. Saturday

 at Sat Nov 19 14:00:00 2016 AEDT wind for Saturday at Altona is looking good so far

back to back races pie and sausage course 2 races aggregate 7&8 this will be only 3rd. saturday we have been able to race

The wind gods may have been appeased due to Mauri wind dance last week.

McCrae Cat Champs – two weeks to go!


The 2016 McCrae Catamaran Championships are returning to McCrae Yacht Club from the 26th to 27th November 2016.

This major event on the Victorian Sailing Calendar is a must attend for all catamaran sailors.

For more information please visit

Trailer Sailor Day




Sunday6th. November

10.30 briefing

All members of Altona yacht club and interested parties there will be a race starting from the club going to St Kilda pier stopping for lunch and a race back to the club

The forcast wind is from the West at approx. 15knots downwind to St.Kilda and upwind back to Altona we have 4 boats at present interested if anyone is interested in crewing or bringing their own trailor sailor let me know on 0402909847.

If this event is successful further events will be organized in the future.

from sailing sec.

SATURDAY 29th. October Aggregate race 3 and resail race 1



The weather gods had been appeased after two previous weekends of foul conditions.  A fine day with winds ranging from 9 to 14 knots plenty of sunshine and calm seas was the outcome perfect sailing weather. The number of boats signing on was depleted due to the extra-long weekend with the Melbourne cup being run this Tuesday. There were no Hobie 14”s or tasars and only 13 boats signed on for first race.The race committee continued with the practice of 3 minute start sequencing for back to back races using division 2 flag for all mono”s and Division 1 flag for all cats 2 boats started in the novice division both crews graduates of previous sailing school earlier in the year.

On the start boat was myself and Stelio on “rescue” Bob, Jeff Gatt and Lauren not forgetting Seattle Bob in tower, the start was delayed by 15minutes due to the boat ramp holdup with the annual Snapper completion on.

Race 3 the mono’s division 2, all got away to a good start with some boats not realising we were using a 3 minute start sequence and were subsequently late on the line. Luke Sleeman on the RL24 “Bumble Bee” scarred all the boats with his sheer size Mary and Chuck Hall were the crew for the afternoon. Sally Farr in her new boat a sabre found out long hair and sailing do not go together half way up the first leg managed to get tangled in the main sheet block subsequently capsizing and being parted from boat. Luke came along and picked her up leaving the sabre drifting upside down. If Luke asks the he will be entitled to redress from race committee. Meanwhile the catamaran division got away wth three taipans and the A class leading the way. Bringing up the rear was Paul Linderman in BH junior. Peter Foxes old boat “on the Edge” he had managed to get his mainsheet wrapped around starboard rudder blade after crossing the line tacked onto port not a good idea found out taipan does not have 4 tons of lead underneath to keep the boat stable having Boyd and himself on wrong side with wind in sails caused a capsize. Boyd was taken off boat whilst Paul tried to right boat 30 minutes later still at it finally getting itv upright before drifting onto rocks. Lessons learnt from Saturday the race committee cannot with the limited resourses available tie up our main rescue boat for such long periods so from now on “rescue” will give the skipper 10 minutes to right boat if not will be offered a rope to pull boat upright if does not work boat will be anchored and skipper taken off, boat will be retrieved when people are available at a later stage.

Meanwhile Sallies sabre was drifting free on the course “rescue” attached an anchor and Lauren was returned to shore along with Sally and Boyd. Lauren saved the day by changing into a wetsuit and returning back to the sabre in the red RIB driven by Peter Foxecroft righting the boat and sailing it back to a much relieved Sally Farr. Sally has a new dog which at present is under quarantine requiring all the usual inoculations new name “ragnor” after the viking in TV show “Vikings”

Race two (resail of race 1 in Calendar) for the day finally got away with no problems and no 5.7 taipans all piking out when wind reached 13 knots maximum for afternoon. Simon won in the catamaran division beating Kirky’s A class by a leg. Wayne Hale on the F14 won in the monomoran division.

Meanwhile Paul Campbell was having fun reaching up and down with Toby as crew. Toby is the grandson of Big Bad Brian the grandfather of sailing who honoured the club by coming down to watch Biddy-Hu Junior”s inaugural sail. Maybe Toby will become a Catamaran sailor in the future.

As to this coming Saturday will not be conducive to sailing 30-35knots predicted maybe another sacrifice to the weather gods will be needed to appease the man.

From the Vegie patch beans and kale are the go this week.


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