Junior and Intermediate Squad

Junior and Intermediate Squad (Green Fleet)

A club-based sailing activity for those who have completed Tackers 2 or sailing 1&2 learn to sail program. The course has been re-worked to align with the new Green Fleet Coaching Program created by Australian Sailing. Sessions are delivered by a fully-qualified and experienced Sailing Coach.

To take part in the Junior  and Intermediate Sailing Squad, the participant will need to be a member of the club and preferably have their own boat. All classes are welcome however the preferred classes are:

The price of an entry level boat is $500 to $1500. 

As a guide, this is the reccomended progression of boats

Age /Weight


1up boat recommended

2 up boat recommended

Pricing (2nd hand)

8-10 (35-45kg)

Start juniors

Opti / Minnow / Open bic


$500 - 1500

9 -12 (45kg +)

Start Intermediate

Sabre / Laser

Pacer / 125

$1500 - 4000

12-15 (50-70kg)

Regular Sailing

Sabre / paper tiger

Pacer / 125 / 145

$2500 - 7000

15+ (70kg +)

  Regular Sailing

Impulse / Laser / Hobie 14

Taser / 145 / Taipan /Mosquito

$4000 - 15,000

Junior and Intermediate Squad sessions are held on Saturday mornings, and participants are also encouraged to compete in club racing in the afternoon. Important to the overall squad program is the opportunity for  participation in the social activities at the club and develop a sense of belonging within the club. Being part of the Squad should be as much about loving being at the club as it is about enjoying the sport.

Course Dates

Courses will next run from October 12th - December 8th . All courses are run on Saturday mornings from 10:00am to 12:00pm.


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