4:03 PM

4 race short course racing


Due to weather forecast only 10 boats entered the first race wind was blowing from the west at 16 knots a port course was set with the windward mark near wises reef where the wind anemometer is positioned on the reef marker. This wind speed indicator is very accurate comparing hand held anemometer with the wind velocity, they both read the same. The club shows the wind speed graph of Faulkner beacon which is 20 km. SE. of where Altona runs racing events on Saturday, maybe this should be changed on monitor.

On the start boat “patrol” was myself Jeanine Hill and Pete Robinson who has his PT being repaired after rear beam parted from hull the previous week. On “rescue” Sean Buckner and Ian Stewart.

The first race started at about 2.10 with all the mono’s away first sailing off on starboard tack they kept going looking for the windward mark we on the start boat thought they were going to Frankston until the lead boat realized they were all going the wrong way they all promptly turned around and returned to the start. Race 1 was over for the monos with no results. In the cat division only 2 boats started with Matt Van De peat upside down with “rescue” in attendance. “Trident” with Scotty skippering pulled out after starting, the wind had picked up to 18 knots. Race 2,3 and 4 in the mono’s were all won by John Wallace on handicap even though Fred and Hiromi in the tasar were 1st across the line in all races. A special mention must go to Paul Leonard in the sabre who finished all races last but never giving up and not capsizing he is a new sailor in the class and gets a rising star for effort.

In the cat division all four races were won by “BH junior” with Paul and Shannon Wilson both skippering at some stage the boat was a sight to see using the kite down wind in 20 knots. Matt on “blind Mullet” also finished 3 races after early swim. Matt was sailing cat rigged on the taipan for the second time only and gets the cat rising star award for the week.

Coming up this week is race 3 and 4 in Commodore trophy series, the results are based on YV handicaps with 2 trophies at end of year best cat rigged and best mono boat there are 12 races all up with 9 to count for overall winners.

Before racing at the briefing there will be “racing rules of sailing 101”, a short rundown of the basic rules of sailing. Attendance is compulsory.

To all those gardeners out there veggie patch is going nicely with tomato, lettuce and bent cucumbers growing beans and peas are in to not sure which beans yet will wait and see. Am having to water every day due to lack of flooding rains these short sprinkles we have only penetrate the soil about 10 mm.

Should be a fine day Saturday with 10 knots of wind see you all there.