Sailing Secretary report September

Spring has sprung, pollen is in the air & the spring equinox is fast approaching, 22nd of September where the length of day and night are the same, this is the real start of spring.

The club has a new commodore in Fred Ackland. Gail will be Vice commodore and Rear Commodore so may be returning at a later date.

Sailing will be starting in 2 weeks on Sunday after the Tigers win the Grand Final to uphold Melbourne as the premier football state. The bay water temperature is around 14 degrees so if you intend sailing rug up and try not to fall in.

It was suggested at the last committee meeting that a sacrifice to the wind gods be made by giving the old piano in the club a Viking funeral. This was turned down as inappropriate so if anyone would like a free piano its available to pick up. There is also for sale at the club a 6’ by 4’ trailer with a minimum price of $500 if no member wants to buy it will go onto “gumtree” or “eBay”.

The 4 club sparrows have all gone to a new home Port Albert Yacht club where they will be used in their training program. This will free up more space for paid storage at yacht club.

There are at five new members joining the club, Vlad sailing a paper tiger, Matt van de Peet sailing an old taipan “blind Mullet” – Matt graduated from the sailing program last year, Chris Peniston-Bird who will be sailing a Hobie 16’, Henke sailing a Hobie 18’ also returning from a 20year hiatus & Garry Stone with his daughter sailing a Tasar. Garry left 20 years ago to help his wife have a baby welcome all these new members with setting up their boats on the beach.

Many members have been holidaying over the winter period with many pictures posted on book face some examples are Jim Scott, Bianca & in France sailing down the Seine river and watching bike racing, Brian over in Germany tasting the beer and bratwurst sausage, Brad in Queensland getting a ticket for J walking on the train tracks supposedly playing Golf, Rob and Mary Ingram 4 wheel driving across the Simpson desert, Spiro travelled to Africa and Egypt putting some great photos of the wild life and the pyramids on “Facebook” & Gail travelled up to Noosa. The crew of Biddy-Hu travelled up to Magnetic Island to sail on other people’s boats and enjoy the 30degree temperatures. Not forgetting Howard who has been everywhere Japan, Darwin, The Ghan, Lakes Entrance and Lorne to mention a few. Meanwhile myself and Stelio travelled and camped at Patchewollock in the Wimmera.

Back to sailing on Sunday the 1st. of October safety declaration sheets need to be filled out for all boats sailing there will be two races “back to back”
Next event organized by Foxy will be horse racing at the yacht club around Melbourne Cup time so bring your horse down to probably be doing 2 laps of yacht club around the sports club and back to yacht club & if you don’t have a horse Pete will organize one for you. SP Bookies will be available to take your money.

This year Craig and Phil will be sailing their new boats, both impulses yet to be named. G2 has refurbished her sabre with Chucks help may even have a righting rope. While on the subject all boats sailing should have means for the crew and yourself to right the boat unaided and a mast that does not fill with water (sealed at top).
News from the veggie patch nothing is growing too cold for seeds to germinate maybe after equinox.

The following week 23rd. September a Working Bee at the yacht club is scheduled & we need to change the batteries on the weather station and a general clean up. Fred will be organizing a rescue boat procedure course for all sailors in the event of a capsize

That’s all for now see everyone on Sunday. I am going back to reading about the great Roman General Stellius Covacius (a distant relative of Stelio) who with his 3 legions was defeated by the united tribes of Germanicus back in 37 AD. By Aminius thereby halting the roman domination of the known world.

Inshallah till next Sunday week