Classes Sailed

Off the Beach Boats (OTB)

All classes of off the beach boats are welcome at Altona Yacht Club, the following are regularly sailed.


One person boat. Needs experienced sailor, 11ft long



The Minnow is a strictly one design class which provides an affordable entry to sailing. Suitable for inexperienced junior’s 1 person boat


A high performance 14ft, two person dinghy. As the boat does not have a spinnaker or trapeze, yet retains high performance, it is ideal for parent/parent/child combinations of skipper and forwardhand.

The Pacer is suitable for a wide range of sailors form novice to experienced. We use them as training boats. 2 person boat. 12ft 0in long. Can run a Spinnaker


One Person boat requiring some experience. 1 person boat 12ft long



Two person boat No spinnaker. Needs experienced sailors 14ft long (4.52m)



A scaled-down 18 foot skiff the B14 delivers exhilarating sailing, high quality international racing and as much fun as you can handle. Two person hiking boat with asymmetric spinnaker


The 49er is a newer one-design class of small sailing dinghy. It is a double handed twin trapeze boat, meaning that it is sailed by a helm and a crew, the helm making many tactical decisions, as well as steering, and the crew doing most of the sail control.


The fireball is a high performance two-person sailing dinghy offering exciting sailing, two person crew with one trapeze and a symmetrical spinnaker.


Hobie 14 / Turbo

The Hobie 14, particularly in Turbo form is popular at Altona.


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