Altona City Council News 

Vol. 1, No. 10             April 1973

Altona Yacht Club.

In March 1953 a number of local residents met with a common interest and thought that, as a number of young people were sailing yachts in Altona, these people should be bonded together into a club where proper organization  and supervision could be given to both themselves and to yachting in the area.

The policy of family membership participation was quickly established and this is still a feature of the club today.

The club grew slowly during the first six years, mainly through lack of club rooms and boat accomm9oation, but with the assistance of the Altona City Council permanent premises were obtained in Cresser Reserve.

A club house was commenced in 1959 and the first stage completed in 1961.  Since this time membership has grown steadily and with the voluntary help of the members and proper budgeting many additional facilities have been provided.

The policy of family membership is the back one of the success of the club and membership fees are kept to a minimum, as it is the club’s intention to keep this sport within the reach of the ordinary family man.

Both sexes are represented on the Executive Committee and your members are encouraged to take part in decision making.

Training courses are arranged regularly and apart from teaching sailing tactics, how to sail safely, character building and self reliance are also important factors of the classes. These training sessions and a 24 hour emergency rescue service are just two of the community services provided by Alton Yacht Club.

Regattas and Championships have been proudly and successfully hosted at Altona – the latest being the Victorian Laser Championship.  A club member has the honor of being the Victoria Laser Champion.

There are and have many other champions in other classes, namely Mosquitos, 145’s, Ladies’ Sabres and now we have our first Victorian Title in the Trailer Sailors in the “Castle” class.

Visitors and new members are always welcome.  So if you wish to join and enthusiastic., progressive and friendly sailing club, you need go no further that Altona Yacht Club – and its just a few minutes from Westage Bridge and the Seaholme Station.

A book on the history of Altona Yacht Club is available from the bar at $10.

Competitive Racing and a Community Atmosphere