EUXINE – Its a Wrap……


Shooting for the movie EUXINE finished up last weekend, with a huge effort from all the club volunteers to make this possible.   Thanks all!

For more, take a look at this letter of thanks from the producers…


The production team has returned some very salty gear, defrosted and had some rest and we’re back to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters.

Firstly, to the team of 40+ people – a huge thank you. We couldn’t have completed the shoot without you.

Our team braved the elements and worked tirelessly, often with smiles on their faces.

We had friends from the VCA (Ruby and Liz) catering for us and have heard the words ‘best catering ever’ from multiple mouths. We’ve had the support from the incredible communities at the Alma Doepel Restoration Project, theRoyal Yacht Club of Victoria and Altona Yacht Club helping us with all boat related activities. There was mast construction (and destruction), boat support, a lot of waiting around, and a lot of laughs. There was interstate travel from multiple crew (thank you!), and generosity from all departments (MU test days, costume design and fittings, costume construction, hours of paperwork, location recces etc). The list of what this film involved actually goes on and on.

What we’re getting at here is that the cast and crew of Euxine are emblems of bravery, creativity, dedication and generosity.

We’d also like to thank our online supporters for keeping an eye on our progress and for your encouragement.

And finally, a big shout out to the staff back at the VCA who work around the clock to ensure that our shoots are a success. Your support is everything and we greatly appreciate it.Here’s a first look at our rushes.

The film was shot by the incredible DP Miranda Porter”


For more details, visit their facebook page –

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