CLASS YACHT                           1. All Taipans           2. Foiling Moth

  1.                   Mosquito             4. A Class
  2.      Hobies                   6. Cobras
  3. Paper Tiger




  1. Tasars 125’s
  2. lasar 4. NS14
  3. F15      6. Pacer
  4. Saber 8. Impulse



All Novice classes


ALL MONO’s Y.S. less or equal to 118

  1. Tasar Impulse
  2. Laser        4. NS14   5. F15




  1. Pacer 2. Sabre
  2. 125



All cats 16ft. and over                 1. Taipan    2.mosquito

  1.                 A Class   4. Cobra


  1. Hobie Paper Tiger  3. Arrow

Saturday 17th. December

Saturday 17th. December


The Fred Manning Handicap was scheduled to be raced on Saturday but due to the high winds and rough seas 30knots registered at the club at 1pm. And the lack of sailor interest in sailing in these conditions the event was abandoned to be re sailed at a later time. This event is run over a common course using AYC handicaps generated from previous results in theory every boat has the same chance of winning and is the reverse of the stern chaser which will be run next year (not far away now!)

Saturday night was the AYC Christmas party about 40 people turned up with a great assortment of foods and deserts no one starved. Margret Cronin turned up to play Xmas carols but to her dismay the piano was no longer there it had been flogged of for club revenue a real disappointment to all who attended. For entertainment the newly formed Altona Shakespeare players put on a performance of little known play “Ode to The Broad Bean” with Sally, Lyn, John and Gail Veal as the principal players very hilarious performance ha ha!!! Especially the depiction of myself and Mary Hall.



The club extends the best of luck and good sailing to al those going to national titles. Brad, Greg, Paul and Scotty Mac (and crews Boyd,rossi,Mathew and new boy David) in the Taipan 5.7 spinnaker class. Paul Campbell in the 4.9 cat division. The ongoing results will be on taipan web page hopefully. Wayne Hale and Sophia Martin in the NS14 championships and of course the 4 125 boats sailing in the nationals at Altona, with James O’Brian or Jim Scott favoured to win.


125 National Titles at AYC


Schedule of Races


Wednesday 28th. December             Registration and measurment

Thursday 29th December 1400       Invitation races

Friday 30th December       1400       Races 1 & 2

Saturday 31st December   1000       Race 3

                                                1400       Races 4 & 5

Monday 2 January              1000        Race 6

                                                1400        Race 7

Tuesday 3rd January          1000        Race 8

                                                1130        Re sail provision


Two back to back races are scheduled for invitation race Thursday 29th.

Wednesday 28th. December the 125 association will be having registration and measuring in the club, will require bar open and lunches for the early bird arrivals one person in kitchen and one in bar Needs the lawn in fenced off area mowed.

The 125 association will be erecting security fencing on the creek side of club

To all those AYC members who have put your name down to volunteer. By Saturday will have a list to be emailed to each and all.

On the Thursday 6pm. The 125 association is having a welcome to competitor’s night at the club AYC will be paid $20.00 per competitor to host this function need more volunteers to help out. Barbeque and heaps of finger food would be the go. There will be a meeting of all people involved sometime this Saturday.


Next Saturday 24th. December short course racing is scheduled 10 am. Start          3 races in morning and 4 in afternoon a break of aprox. 1 hour for lunch the forecast so far is looking good.

If I don’t see you Saturday a merry and happy xmas to all from the scribe!!!!!





Commodore Cup Race 1&2 Saturday 10th. December


Another fine day was the forecast for Saturday, (four in a row) for the re-sailing of commodore series race 1&2 previously abandoned due to inclement weather on the !5th. October The course was set as a windward return with a gate at leeward end 0.6nm. long this course was the same as series 3&4. This series is sailed with 8 races 2 before Xmas and 2 after Xmas only 6 races are counted towards a result the winner is awarded the Commodore trophy at the club presentation night.

On “rescue” this week were Pete and Luke Sleeman. On the start boat”patrol” was myself and Spiro. In the tower was Mary Ingram for the first time. Seatle Bob was having the day off. Mary did a great job keeping us on the water updated on what was happening on shore, nothing was happening!!

The results of races up to last week are on the web page now.

Race 1&2

In the mono hull division Wayne and Sophia lead all of the way with Killer and crew following. Craig seems to have a new crew every week so far this year In the slow  mono division James O’Brian lead from Jimmy Scott and ended up with 2 bullets for the day looks like Jim will have a hard time this year to retain his national title against the younger opposition. John Wallace won both races in the sabres beating both Bernie and Hiromi twice.

In the big cat division Brad got away again to great starts in both races. In race 1 Brad clocked up another win with “Awsome” second. In second race old man Brad must have gone to sleep “Awsome” won easily the results for commodore series are tied both boats with 2 wins and 2 seconds very interesting!New boat “The Trident” sailed by bad boy Scott and new member Dave Newton stayed upright and finished both races in 3rd.for the first time on the boat they sailed well and will only improve from now on. Dave is about to be a daddy for first time wife Lizzy is soon to give birth to a baby dave or baby Lizz cigars may be the go next week! As to Junior on the Hu boat I have been forbidden to mention what happened under the threat of revealing what happened out fishing last Wednesday down near Fawkner beacon.

In the small cat division Rob won both races easily beating the 2 hobies who both seemed to be reaching up towards the top mark as always all late for the starts in both race 1&2. Anthony managed to capzise again for the 4th. Week in a row maybe likes swimming better than sailing.


Sunday Trailer sailor race

Six boats turned up for the second race for trailer sailor yachts run by AYC all were busy rigging up in the car park of the Altona safe harbor at 8am. For a 10am. start going down to Weeribee’s new marina Wyndham harbor. The winds were favorable SE in the morning changing to south in afternoon. We all got away at 10am. Lead by Brendon in the “boomerang” with Matt and Rachel as crew they were followed by Jim Reynolds in the “castle” with super girl Hiromi Fujiwarra  steering the boat then came “Bumble Bee” skippered by Luke with Lyn, Alexander and sister Naomi crewing. Then came the Sonata 6 “backie” with all girl crew of Sally Farr and Jenny, Sally’s current B&B guest from south Australia. The $60’000 couta boat with Skipper Richard Braveheart with all male crew immaculately both dressed in blue shirts and blue face paint to match the blue couta boat and Jeff Gatt’s boomaroo with Ian Morton crewing bringing up the rear. Jeff forgot where the jib halyard was on the boat and came into berth with the foresail flapping soon remedied and all was well. Jeff looked pleased with himself sailing his boat for the second time.

We all arrived safely at Wyndam between 1pm. And 2pm. For lunch and a look around not a great deal of infrastructure yet but lots of plans for the future only about 20 boats making use of the berthing facilities available. Sally got to have hot chips for lunch I had to ring ahead and make sure the chips were available on arrival.

All boats left the marina by 2. 30pm.lead by Brendon who managed to get the spinnaker up and was hauling his boat out at Altona when the rest of the fleet arrived back at Altona together, after derigging we adjourned back to the club for drinks and to discuss next adventure a trip down to docklands and lunch was brought up for an event on Australia Day 26th. January. This could be followed up by an Easter event at Lake Bullen Merri for 4 days.

With a 20% increase in boat numbers and 4 other boats interested in these events and crews available from Altona the future looks rosy.

Brendon was declared the winner with Bumblebee second.


Next Saturday at AYC the weather is not looking favorable with 20 knot winds forecast but this may change.

Competitive Racing and a Community Atmosphere