GPS Replays

Here are some replays of racing via GPS tracks,

Commodores Cup Race 5; 9 Feb 2013 (Taipan 5.7s)

Commodores Cup 3 & 4 Nov 17th 2012 (49er and Taipan 5.7s)

Aggregate Race Jan 14th 2012 (B14, Fireball & Taipan 5.7)

Aggregate Races Feb 25th 2012 (Laser 4.7 vs Full rig)

These require “Java” to be installed on your computer if not already it can be downloaded here.

In order to make viewing easier follow these steps,

Step 1: Select “Dynamic view” – “User’s Name” & “Speed (Knots)”

Step 2: De-select “Options” – “Track’s colour depend on speed”

Step 3: Select “Footprints” under “View settings” then change the replay speed to around “x18” and watch the race!

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